As if the ongoing investigation into the Paris incident wasn't enough (of his countersuing), but Chris Brown has summoned to a court of law over looming charges stemming from his alleged possession of an illegal (exotic) pet. Back in December, Brown was officially charged with the illegal possession of a pet monkey. By law in the state of California, owners of exotic pets are expected to comply with a regulatory process which requires them to obtain a special permit.

It would appear that Chris Brown did not comply with that process when he gave his daughter "Fiji" the pet monkey as a non-birthday present. Breezy himself posted a picture of with daughter Royalty and their pet monkey for his 44 million Instagram followers to see, which is widely considered to have been what tipped the scale in the ensuing investigation.

Which leads us to February 2019 - Chris Brown's trial over the illegal pet (nothing humanoid-related this time) was supposed to commence on Wednesday but was pushed back to March 19. The hearing will eventually take place at the Clara Shortridge Foltz Criminal Justice Centre in Los Angeles, with Judge Efrain M Aceves presiding over the case. For the record, "Fiji" was repossessed by authorities upon the discovery of Chris Brown's social media posting. No animals, exotic or otherwise, were harmed throughout the process.