Chris Brown is facing some serious allegations in France right now. The rapper was detained by French police after a woman alleged the singer and two of his associates raped her. In response to the allegations, Chris Brown is reportedly maintaining his innocence, The Blast reports. 

According to sources, Chris Brown claims he had no involvement in an alleged rape that took place the night of Jan. 15-16th. The singer confirmed that he did go to the hotel, but maintains that he went to a separate hotel room than where the alleged rape took place. Sources added that Brown believes if anything did happen, he wasn't involved in it at all.

Brown was arrested alongside two other people who were reported to be his friend and bodyguard. He's currently in custody for aggravated rape and drug charges. 

TMZ reports that French authorities must determine whether Brown is released of appearing in court. If he appears in court, the prosecutor will have to ask the judge to keep Brown in custody pending trial or released free with "obligations" that might include surrendering his passport to French authorities and staying in Paris pending trial

The woman accusing Brown of rape says she met the singer at the nightclub Le Crystal last week before they went to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel where she claims the singer raped her.