Chris Brown is staying true to his character in prolonging the issue of his Paris rape allegations. His latest public gesture has been to upload an untitled video/song medley as a character. The clip which features scenes shot in France's capital features a forlorn Chris Brown appealing to a faceless crowd of non-believers.

"My mom and grandma always said: 'The Lord can give you a gift and he can take it away.' I feel like I don't have to explain any bullshit or any lie that somebody has been perpetrating or portraying me as," Brown says during an intended moment reprieve during the video. "I came out there to do a job and that's what I did."

In the days and weeks following his arrest in Paris, Chris Brown has been on a bit of a reclamation project of sorts on social media. With every post he makes on the subject, the R&B singer is hopeful of retaking the narrative cause from the people who still view him as an abuser. Days prior, Breezy posted a picture of him giving his daughter a piggy-back, and before that, he released a thinly-veiled song on the subject. Whilst he marches forward with his defamation suit against the accuser, French authorities remain entrenched on the case to no avail. He is nonetheless innocent until proven guilty, and her the same.