Currently on the road for his INDIGOAT Tour, Chris Brown is making sure he continues to re-innovate and change up his style when he pleases. The man is clearly one of the more creative forces in the industry, taking all matters into his own hands and living out his vision to the fullest. It's commendable, to say the least. While his social media antics can get a little tiring to some, his talent is undeniable. We've been keeping an eye on his artistic output and, recently, many of his creative bursts have been visual. He commissioned an artist to spray paint a portrait of his girlfriend on his tour bus, also adding a depiction of Joker in the back. Now, he's getting out the juices by going for a different look on top of his head, adding a streak of flames with flashy dye.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images 

Chris Brown is no stranger to hair dye. He has a love/hate relationship with it as some of his looks have been total hits while others are not the biggest vote-getters. Keeping his locks blond for the most part, Breezy got some fire added to the side of his dome, reflecting what burns inside of him at all times.

What do you think of CB's new hairstyle? Is this one of your favorites of the year?