Chris Brown has an out-of-this-world amount of talent and, oftentimes, he's been compared to an alien because of his tremendous creativity and his ability to think out of the box. He's also made numerous references to space through his music videos and in his songs. With that said, it shouldn't come as a surprise that Breezy is seemingly a believer in aliens, speaking on the matter this week and suggesting that extraterrestrials can help us save the planet and "break free from this mental cage".


Sharing his thoughts on Instagram Stories, CB said, "If aliens exist, I sure hope our governments aren't speaking on our behalf. Cosmic disclosure will help us to get on the right path/frequency with the planet and break us free from this mental cage. But what do I know??? I'm just good at dancing."

With that last bit, it seems like Chris is already aware that people will disregard his message. However, with a bunch of celebrities coming forward and speaking recently about their personal encounters with UFOs, including Post Malone and Baker Mayfield, we have no choice but to think that Chris Brown may be onto something.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Over the years, Chris Brown has shaken up his fanbase by sharing wild conspiracy theories, including one in 2018 that took aim at NASA. "Stop Believing NASA," he joked at the time, suggesting that he believes in a flat earth theory. A month later, he shared another conspiracy video about chemtrails. Back in 2014, he also said that he thought ebola was a "form of population control". As you can see, conspiracy theories are nothing new for Chris Brown.

What do you think of Breezy's latest musings?