Chris Brown melted all of our hearts when he shared an update on little Aeko via Instagram, as the two are unfortunately separated by oceans due to the European travel ban in the United States. Like many of us, the coronavirus pandemic hasn't been easy on Chris Brown. In particular, the singer is having a hard time as the world essentially goes into lockdown because it means that he won't be able to see his newborn son for awhile. After Trump banned travel to and from Europe last month, Aeko and his mom, Ammika Harris, haven't been able to return to the U.S. from Germany, where they had been visiting Ammika's mother since January. Chris has expressed how difficult it's been to be apart from his baby boy, but it looks like he's feeding the withdrawal with some heartwarming content of his son in the meantime. CB posted a video on Instagram of his "mini me" on Tuesday night, declaring Aeko "the prince."

In the sweet clip, Aeko smiles as a female voice (presumably Ammika's) gives him compliments. "Silly butt," she affectionately calls him. "Look at you! You’re so handsome. Baby, you’re so handsome." The video is too cute for words, and we're glad Chris can at least get virtual updates on his growing son while the two are miles apart.

Chris Brown Aeko Catori Brown baby boy child son separation Germany travel ban Ammika harris the prince cute adorable newbornBrian Ach/Getty Images for Something in the Water

While he's been in quarantine all by his lonesome, Chris has been keeping busy by engaging in the newfound IG live craze, particularly with Tory Lanez's Quarantine Radio. The singer made a guest appearance on Tory's new IG live show, and was also caught leaving suggestive comments about Doja Cat on a different "episode" of QR. It hasn't all been fun and games, though. Chris recently had to hide from a delusional fan who attempted to break into his home, claiming they were "life partners."