With a new batch of songs out now in the form of Indigo, Chris Brown is preparing to wow his worldwide audiences with his upcoming tour. The superstar singer is known to show out on stage, bringing a level of performance that goes unmatched by any of his contemporaries. The controversial artist is enjoying the success of his new album but he's always looking to keep his mind stimulated. When he's got some downtime, the man can usually be found progressing in other fields of his artistic career. He's already a top-tier singer, dancer, and rapper but for years, he's also been flexing his drawing ability. This week, he reminded folks once again that he is a superior visual artist, giving fans a glimpse of his notebook.

Sean M. Haffey/BIG3/Getty Images

When he's travelling to and from cities, Breezy makes sure to keep some paper and a pen handy so that he can let the ideas flow naturally out of his brain. He may be writing lyrics or planning out the marketing for his next big release. Alternatively, he could be drawing something crazy in his notebook. The Virginia-born recording artist took to Instagram to show what he's currently working on, uploading a work in progress from his collection of work. "What I spend most of my time on the plane doing," captioned Brown on the picture.

CB has shown off his visual artwork in the past, proving to be impressive with a can of spray paint. It appears as though he's not limited to graffiti because he can also get down with a pencil when he needs to.