Of all the cute celebrity kids on social media, Royalty Brown, Chris Brown's daughter, is definitely a frontrunner in the race to find out who is the most adorable child with a bank account larger than the rest of us. Some of the mini-Kardashians are in the running, while 50 Cent's son Sire Jackson is also a pretty safe bet. However, RoRo has been racking up likes on her daddy's page for nearly six years, earning her the top spot. She just solidified her ranking too with a heartwarming photo that her father took while shopping for cowboy hats. 

Chris Brown daughter Royalty
Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Decked out in her full Western-inspired gear, Royalty Brown made Lil Nas X (and the entire country music community) quake by donning embroidered boots, a big belt buckle, a plaid shirt, light indigo jeans, and a big 'ole hat atop her dome. She flashed the biggest smile you've ever seen, looking proud of her all-out ensemble. 

Breezy went on to refer to his daughter as a "country girl," calling her "Old Town Ro" in the caption. This is easily one of the cutest pictures that has ever been uploaded to CB's page, racking up nearly 300,000 likes in less than twenty-four hours. 

With a newborn son, Chris Brown has been spending equal amounts of time with his two little ones, sharing adorable shots of them both on his social platforms. Take a look at the picture in question below.