Chris Brown was spotted leaving the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Paris for the first the time since his rape charges were found inadmissible, and his subsequent release from a detainment facility. As reported, Brown was arrested on Monday night after a reported incident in which his accuser told Closer Magazine that he physically assaulted her for nearly 30 minutes in the dressing room they were bunkered in together. 

Prosecutors initially informed Chris Brown would be required to answer to the victim's allegations before a tribunal hearing, resulting in the immediate suspension of his passport - none of which occurred. Brown is still in possession of his passport and is thereby free to return to home soil, at his own convenience. 

After sealing his fate before an arbiter, Chris Brown remained inside the Mandarin Oriental Hotel until a convoy was ready to scoop him up - at which point, members of the paparazzi waited with bated breath outside the Hotel's half-circle entrance. Brown did mutter a few words in passing, but not of the controversial variety journalist stuff in a catchy title or headline.

In lieu of stepping back into the line of fire, Chris Brown opted for unanimity. "I Love Everybody," he yells as he exits the lobby and enters the convoy - to parts unknown. Breezy, likely headed for the American shoreline, right as we speak, certainly hasn't helped his cause, regardless of his culpability in the case. That's how divisive a character he's become to the average person in America.