It's been about a year since we've received a full project from Chris Brown but the last one was enough to hold us over for a while. Heartbreak On A Full Moon was packed with dozens of tracks, leaving fans unsure where to start. We've heard the singer feature on a few highlights this year but we can definitely stand to listen to a new project from the veteran crooner. He's been teasing a new work on his socials here and there but nothing appeared to be imminent. Now, we know approximately when we can expect to hear fresh music from Breezy.

He hopped on his Instagram to update the fans on what he's been working on, informing them that once the holiday season passes, he'll be back in the mix. "No cap," he started, "This music I got cooking in the oven!!!! After the holidays we getting right to it! I promise... Never been one to brag, but I'm pushing myself harder and harder to make sure you feel it and it helps you internally." He signed off with "Indigo," a title that has been teased for the upcoming album. 

His fans are excited but some are expressing their hope that he doesn't load the work with too many songs this time around. A concise twelve-song effort would be just fine this time! Are you here for new Breezy?

Jesse Grant/Getty Images