For the second time in as many months, Chris Brown is in trouble with the law. In May, Chris was under fire for an alleged rape that happened at his house. While he was not involved in the reported sexual assault, the mere fact that it was said to have taken place under his roof is troubling. Now, Breezy has a whole new problem to consider. A woman has reportedly just been granted a restraining order against Chris Brown after he allegedly stalked her, followed her incessantly and hit her on occasion. None of these allegations have been proven so they are definitely to be taken with more than a few grains of salt.

The Blast is reporting that the incident dates back to a party where Brown allegedly hit a woman named Cassandra. Regardless of if the claims are factual or not, the court has granted the woman's request for a restraining order, forcing Breezy to stay at least 100 yards away from her at all times. Legal documents show that Cassandra is accusing Brown of stalking and "hitting" her. According to the publication, the woman's details are not clear in the least bit and she does not provide follow-up information when prompted to explain when and where the incidents took place. 

A hearing will happen next month to determine how the case will move forward. Chris is currently rehearsing for his Heartbreak on a Full Moon Tour, which begins very shortly. Check out the tour dates here.