Chris Brown is a man of many talents. From dancing & singing to drawing & painting, Breezy is a true artist in the most purest form, and it looks like he’s about to cash in on a particular painting he did a couple years ago. Back in 2015, Brown, who goes by Konfused in the art world, teamed up renowned photographer Karen Bystedt to turn her iconic shot of Andy Warhol into what's been called the "Triple Andy Discount.”

The piece features Bystedt's photo plus the 2 painted by Chris Brown to create a collage of young, adult and middle-aged Warhol’s face (see below).

Looking to cash in on the artwork, Karen decided to put the Warhol piece on Ebay recently, and she's starting the bid at $500k. Karen left the following description on Ebay

Chris Brown (Singer/Songwriter/Recording Artist/Visual Artist) and world-renowned Mixed Media Artist/ Photographer, Karen Bystedt known for her iconic photographs of ANDY WARHOL The Lost Warhols) originally collaborated in 2014 to create 3 mixed media art pieces which were exhibited at Bystedt's show Andy Goes Street in Culver City.  All three of the art pieces are SOLD.

This original art piece titled "Triple Andy Discount" was painted by Chris Brown on top of Bystedt's photograph of Andy Warhol, in Los Angeles in November 2015, for a private show at Hyde Lounge and is only now being released for sale. It is a rare departure from his monsters theme.”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale will be contributed to help efforts in Puerto Rico and those affected by Hurricane Maria.

This sale comes at an appropriate time for Chris, who just released a new double album last week called Heartbreak On A Full Moon. The 45-song album, which reportedly has already gone gold, features guest appearances from Future, Young Thug, Usher, Gucci Mane, Kodak Black, Ty Dolla $ign, & many more. Stream it right here if you've been sleeping on it.

Check out Chris & Karen’s collab artwork piece (below) and see its Ebay page right here. Do you think it's worth $500K?