First it was Chris Brown who couldn't keep his name out of the tabloids because of his various legal problems, now it's his baby mama, Nia Guzman, who's having trouble keeping herself clean when it comes to their legal battle.

According to TMZ, Guzman has supposedly threatened an "ex-friend" who she believes is a witness in her current custody battle with Brown over their daughter Royalty. The ex-friend in question is Skakur Sozahdah, who is currently asking for a restraining order against Chris' baby mama for supposedly doing some pretty creepy things since the legal scuffle had gotten underway. In the court doucments that detail the restraining order request, Sozahdah states that Guzman has been parking "in front of her house and 'sprinkling a weird substance' in her yard." Intimidation through pesticides? I suppose we'll never known what was allegedly sprayed on her lawn, but by the sound of things, it looks like Sozahdah is trying to do her best Clint Eastwood impression by forcing Brown's former love interest to get off her lawn. She also said that Guzman has been texting her "like crazy" and has been bad-mouthing her and other family members to anyone who will listen. 

Why all this drama? The answer might be scare tactics. According to the documents, Guzman desperately wants a face-to-face meeting with Sozahdah because apparently she's been named as a witness in the Royalty custody battle. It could be Guzman's way of trying to scare the woman enough so that she doesn't testify. Will it work? That remains to be seen, but for someone who's being painted as more than a little nuts, Nia says she hasn't seen Sozahdah in a long time.

As per her representatives, Guzman claims she hasn't seen her alleged victim since the early months of 2017. Be that as it may, it didn't do anything to affect the outcome: the judge still granted the restraining order, which now forces Nia to stay 50 yards away from Sozahdah at all times. There's no word on whether or not this will affect the outcome of the custody battle in a negative way or Guzman.