Chris Brown's baby mama, Ammika Harris, was not having it after a troll attacked her for bringing her infant son, Aeko Catori Brown, in the car with her on an outing during the global coronavirus pandemic. It has been urged by government and health officials around the world that anyone who can should stay inside as much as possible in order to flatten the curve and help prevent the further spread of coronavirus. Of course, some folks still need to leave the house occasionally to do things like buy groceries or, god forbid, go to the hospital, but for the most part, it's best to practice social distancing by staying at home. However, Ammika, the mother of Chris Brown's son, Aeko, was among those who needed to restock the fridge and cupboards in order to sustain herself and her 4-month-old while they quarantine, but Ms. Harris got some flack for bringing her baby along while she ran her errands.

Ammika posted a photo of herself in the car with Aeko in his car seat next to her, his adorable face out of sight. She captioned the post, "Ain’t playing when it comes to my family," implying that she is actually being especially cautious about protecting her newborn son from the virus. However, one troll felt the need to come after her for bringing Aeko in the car with her by commenting, "So why yall outside!!! GO LAYDOWN." Ammika was not impressed with this demand from a complete stranger, so she decided to clap back. "IM GETTING GROCERIES TF!" the model replied, receiving tons of support from her followers. "Don't let ignorance upset you," one user told her. "You can't fix stupid! Be safe beautiful!" Another told the troll to "leave her alone."

Chris Brown baby mama Ammika Harris Aeko Catori Brown slammed criticism outing coronavirus pandemic isolation social distancing quarantine errands fire back respondEarl Gibson III/Getty Images for BET

Ammika and Aeko are currently stuck in Germany, unable to return to the United States to see Chris due to Trump's temporary overseas travel ban. Chris has expressed how difficult it's been to be apart from his "mini me," so we hope this family can be reunited soon when it's safe!