The INDIGOAT Tour is in full swing and Chris Brown is performing to sold-out audiences alongside Tory Lanez, Ty Dolla $ign, Joyner Lucas and Yella Beezy. During their stop in Oklahoma City, there was a tornado warning issued in the area but that didn't stop thousands of adoring fans from making their way to the Chesapeake Arena. 

One superfan captured multiple videos of Brown's performance, but in one clip there was a moment when the singer was right in the middle of belting out "Girl of My Dreams" when the power went out for the sound equipment. Brown doesn't seem fazed by it all, but he begins acting out motions to communicate that there may be a tornado on its way.

The mic comes back on in less than a minute and he says, "Y'all gon' be safe first." A woman in the audience can be heard screaming, "We don't care!" A long as she gets her C. Breezy, she's doing just fine. Check out the funny moment, along with a few other clips of Brown's smooth dance moves and vocal talent, below.