Chris Brown's European vacation has exploded into a veritable nightmare of allegations and accusations. After being detained in Paris on potential rape and drug charges, Chris Brown was eventually released, claiming that the woman in question has been spreading character-assassinating falsehoods.

While the truth appears liable to surface in the coming days, Chris Brown's lawyer remains adamant over the singer's innocence on all counts. Though police found cocaine in the singer's hotel room, Brown's attorney Raphaël Chiche claims that the coke did not belong to Breezy, but rather those who "had come to party in his suite on the night of January 20-21.”  In other words, the drug charge was completely unfounded. 

Breezy did have weed on his possession, though he made sure to secure a permit for "medicinal marijuana" on American soil. Chiche reiterates that Brown "had no sexual relations of any sort with the complainant,” and clarifies that the singer is already preparing a counter-suit for defamation. Many in the hip-hop community, including T.I, Joyner Lucas, and an incensed Boosie, have already spoken out in support of Breezy. More on this story as it develops.