Chris Johnson was one of the most entertaining running backs in the NFL about a decade ago. He ran for 2,000 yards back in 2009 and was a stud for the Tennessee Titans. For those who don't remember, Johnson survived a shooting back in 2015, that left him with a wound in his shoulder. His friend, Dreekius Johnson, ended up passing away in the shooting.

Now, Johnson is being accused of funding a murder-for-hire plot against the two men who allegedly committed the 2015 shooting. According to TMZ, Dominic Bolden killed the two men throughout 2016. In court documents, it has been revealed that Johnson is being accused of paying Bolden to commit the acts. They also allege that Johnson helped Bolden get a higher ranking inside of a Florida-based drug trafficking organization. All of these allegations come from an informant.

Chris Johnson

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Johnson has not been arrested or charged for any of these allegations although it appears as though law enforcement is looking to make a case against him. The former NFL running back is adamant that he is innocent and that there is no base for these accusations.

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