LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers were searching for their first win of the season at their opener at Staples Center on Saturday night. It didn't come. Instead, the now 0-2 Lakers got embroiled in a brawl that will certainly end in suspensions. The altercation began when James Harden drove to the rim in the fourth quarter with roughly 4:00 minutes left. A foul is called on the play, which angers Brandon Ingram. He immediately lashes out by pushing Harden in the back, causing a short altercation between the two men with a referee between them. 

As Ingram walks away, Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul get into a fight of their own. After the fact, Paul claimed that Rondo spit on him, sparking the altercation. In the video though, the first thing that can be seen is Paul putting his finger in Rondo's face. Rondo responds by hitting Paul with a clean two-piece as players from both teams rush to break it up. Paul ends up sneaking in a couple punches of his own as well. Then, Ingram doubles back and throws a sneak hit in himself that catches Paul in the face before LeBron grabs CP and pushes him to safety. Rondo, Ingram, and Paul were all ejected, and the Lakers ended up losing 125-115.