With the NBA currently in a bubble in Orlando, Florida, it has been well-established that there won't be any fans allowed at the games, for quite some time. In fact, the entirety of the playoffs will be played without spectators, which will certainly lead to a bizarre atmosphere, unlike anything we have ever seen before. However, to add just a tiny bit of normalcy to the games, the NBA has decided to implement a virtual fan section, which showcases people who are watching the match in their living rooms.

It's been a weird sight to see, although the NBA is doing it in a way that is beneficial to the players. Case in point, during the Oklahoma City Thunder game last night, Chris Paul's son and wife were shown as virtual fans. Of course, he hasn't seen them since he's in Orlando, and being able to see them in the stands was bittersweet. After the game, Paul explained just how cool it is to see all of these bubble initiatives come together.

Paul was one of the key players involved in bringing the bubble to life, as he coordinated with the players to see what kind of facilities they would need. In a recent interview, Paul even admitted to crying upon arrive to Orlando as he simply couldn't believe part of his creation come to life in a tangible way.