Knicks fans were rocked with the news early this week that Chris Paul is a target for their team in the offseason. ESPN's Frank Isola tweeted that the Knicks were "gathering intel" to build a good trade deal for Chris Paul this summer. "The Knicks, according to NBA sources, have been gathering intel on All Star Chris Paul and could make a run at him this summer," he tweeted. "Paul, 34, carries a huge contract but he’s had a resurgent season in OKC & is proven leader." Although the Knicks fan base has been divided on how they feel about the news, Chris Paul himself appears clear-minded about the situation. 

Paul was asked after a game how he felt about the trade rumors, and he kept it real with reporters about what is really on his mind. “I imagine playing in Boston on Sunday, that’s the only thing I think about," Paul stated, referencing his team's next game. "Shoot, I haven’t seen my kids since All-Star. Might not see them until April, that’s the only thing that’s on my mind," he continued. Paul has nearly been in the league for two decades so this isn't the first time he's had to deal with trade rumors.