The Oklahoma City Thunder were able to secure a win last night against the Minnesota Timberwolves, in large part due to Chris Paul snitching to the refs about an untucked jersey in the final seconds of the fourth quarter.

The Timberwolves were up by two when Jordan Bell checked into the game still tucking in his jersey. Chris Paul noticed and immediately began yelling to the refs that an untucked jersey, according to the rulebook, is a delay of game. The refs called it and the Thunder earned a technical free throw. Moments later, the Thunder forced overtime after a last-second bucket from Dennis Schroder. They went on to beat the Timberwolves in overtime.

After the game, according to ESPN’s Royce Young, Chris Paul heard people talking about the delay of game and said, “Yeah I told them his jersey was untucked. I know the rules."

NBA referee Scott Foster seemed to deny that it was Paul who alerted them of the violation, telling a press pool, "The last-second delay of game resulted in a technical foul. Jordan Bell came into the game with it untucked and down t his knees at midcourt, observed by myself and then Mark from trailing me and then it was assessed a technical foul." When pressed about who alerted him to the call, he responded: "Mark and I saw him coming onto the court without his shirt tucked in."