Chris Rock may be stepping behind the camera once again to play director on an upcoming Kevin Hart-led comedy, Co-Parenting. Reports from Deadline say Chris is currently in negotiations and the script is being written by Yamara Taylor (black-ish) based on an original idea by Chris and Kevin. 

The movie revolves around a stay-at-home dad who raises the kids while his CEO wife is the breadwinner. His life gets turned upside down when he gets kicked to the curb and then has to go through a bitter divorce and custody battle. There's no word on a release date or other stars to appear in the film. 

Kevin has also signed on for another big venture since announcing his deal with Nickelodeon for him to develop and produce live-action, scripted content for the kids' network. "For me, Nick has always represented everything fun about being a kid, and it’s still at the forefront today of kids’ and family entertainment,” Kevin said. “I’ve been slimed at Kids’ Choice, won a lot of Orange Blimps and my kids are my very own built-in focus group, so I’m ready to dive in and make some next-level shows with Brian and everyone at Nickelodeon.”