Over the past few weeks, Kanye West has been releasing new albums every Friday as part of his G.O.O.D Music roll out. However, the only one that's arrived promptly at midnight was Pusha T's Daytona. Kanye's latest album and Kids See Ghosts with Kid Cudi were both delayed but made it onto streaming platforms by noon. Many thought Nas' album would be like Push's and be available by midnight. However, it's nearly 5 p.m. EST right now and there's still no sign of this album and people are growing impatient including Chris Rock.

Chris Rock need this new album immediately much like the rest of us. The comedian turned a picture of Nas sitting at his computer into a meme to share his similar frustrations with the rest of the world. "Nas somewhere like this tryna figure out how to upload the album," it reads.

Chris Rock seems to be heavily involved in these Kanye produced projects that have been coming out of Wyoming. Rock's always had a close relationship with Kanye over the years. He actually introduced Kanye West and his new album at the Wyoming listening party.

Hopefully, Nas will drop off this new album before the end of the day. Mike Dean said the album was coming soon earlier this morning on Instagram. Nas' label, Mass Appeal, has been tweeting "loading"  for the past few hours so it seems like it's on its way.