Chris Sails was reportedly hit by a drunk driver and is not responding to any calls or text messages, according to his brother.

Taking over the YouTuber's social media accounts, Dawaine Sails put out a call for help after hearing that Chris was in a serious car accident. He claims that his brother has not been responding to any of his phone calls and is growing increasingly worried.

"I got a call that my big brother Chris was hit by a drunk driver," he wrote on his page. "If anybody got any info dm me pull through bro I love you."

On Chris' account, Dawaine wrote a similar message. 

"This Chris lil bro! If anybody hear from my brother dm me," he wrote. "He was in a car crash and he not answering the phone! Please keep him in prayers!!!"

These posts were made sixteen hours ago and there are still no updates from his family. 

Queen Naija, who has a child with Chris, has not commented on his status. She has been active on social media, though.

Let's all continue to keep Chris Sails in our thoughts and prayers. Hopefully, we get an update on his well-being sooner rather than later.