Three years have gone by since Queen Naija and Chris Sails broke up and they have both moved on with other lovers. Chris and Queen have both welcomed children into the world since their split but, for some reason, Chris is still thinking about his ex-wife.

While she played a huge part in his life, the fact that he continues to meddle in her business is getting pretty creepy, nearing stalker territory.

This week, Queen Naija is releasing her brand new studio album, missunderstood. She recently released her new single "Bitter", which could definitely apply to Chris Sails. Apparently, he's heard the song and he's ready to release his response to it, previewing a new record about how he can love Queen like no other man can, including her current beau Clarence White.

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

"First it was the distrack!! Now should I drop this song to queen," asked Chris on Instagram, sharing a snippet of the song he recorded for his ex. The lyrics include lines about how he can love Queen better than anyone else, which just seems obsessive at this point. You would think that, after three years, he'd have gotten over her.

"I can love you better than he can I promise," he hammered home in his caption.

Do you think this is a little extra from Chris?

Queen Naija is releasing her album tonight. Check that out at midnight.