The drama involving Chrissy Teigen and designer Michael Costello has taken a turn. Days ago, amid Teigen's ongoing scandals involving allegations of online bullying, the model mogul resurfaced on social media after weeks of silence. She released an apology for her previous behaviors but soon, another accusation popped up from Costello. He claimed Teigen bullied him years back, caused him to hae suicidal thoughts, and blackballed him in the industry, and he even shared screenshots to prove his point.

However, others came forward to call foul on Costello, including designer Maxie J who said he called her a "Black n*gger b*tch," famed singer Leona Lewis who shared a detailed story of being traumatized by him during a charity fashion show, and Real Housewives of Atlanta's Falynn Guobadia who also revealed she'd had a distressing encounter with him. 

Costello returned to defend himself against the allegations, once again blaming Teigen, saying she was unleashing her friends to make him look bad. Teigen has now addressed Costello's allegations directly, as has her husband John Legend, and they're pulling receipts with claims that Costello photoshopped his texts with Teigen. The model shared her screenshots that showed they had a polite and often friendly exchange that continued into 2020. She said she doesn't understand why he attempted to interject himself into her ongoing drama.

"Please do NOT bully this man under the masquerade of defending me. I’ve taken it ALL. I’ve heard it all," she wrote. "I just beg for you to know the truth. Michael, you are now causing actual pain to people who are trying to better themselves. Enough. Or this WILL go further. Not here, but an actual court of law. And every dime we win will go to an anti bullying charity focused on turning this sh*t show into a positive. I wish you peace and healing. I have some places I’ve been attending if you’d like the connects."

Costello returned, doubling down that Teigen bullied him. He said he's taking a break from social media and turned his Instagram private. Check out a few posts below.

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