Chrissy Teigen succumbed to quite the injuries following an alleged tumble recently. The do-it-all star shared via her social media accounts the photos of her bruises which appeared to be very painful. In one of the shared videos, a large bruise shows on the television host's thigh, to which she mockingly adds: "Oh my gosh, it looks so, so bad." Though as we have always known Teigen for her sense of humor, she further adds jokingly: "It's worth it." Moreover, the mother updated her followers with an actual photo of the full leg which reveals a set of numerous bruises all over. She captioned with the flick: "an update: I look like a forensics file cadaver? #stairwife."

Other than this nasty fall, the latest news surrounding Chrissy Teigen includes a report on the throwback pregnancy pictures she shared to commemorate Mother's Day. To note, Chrissy Teigen and hit-vocalist John Legend currently share two children. A baby girl by the name of Luna was born in April 2016 and their second child Miles was born in May 2018. Both children were conceived a few years after the couple married back in September of 2013 during a romantic stay in the city of Como, Italy.