Fans have long awaited Chrissy Teigen's, Hot Ones appearance. The Sean Evans hosted show recently welcomed the Cravings: Hungry for More author for an entertaining and candid episode.

While on set, Chrissy took an unorthodox approach and decided that she would be better off licking the wings rather than eating them. As Teigen and Evans dined on wings, they discussed a number of topics. Evans opened up the show by asking Chrissy, who has gained notoriety as an accomplished Internet troll, about controversial tweets she has made. In the past, Chrissy tweeted "nutella is shit" and naturally became subject to an overwhelming amount of backlash. Teigen defended the tweet by saying that eating Nutella is the equivalent of having "a Mimosa in the morning." She also touched on her opinion of deep dish pizza which she calls "the topless, sexier cousin of the calzone." 

The hilarious model went on to reveal the realities of her award show experiences sharing "you still have dogs sniffing up your dress, they just assume that everybody's packing drugs." She also discussed the popular memes of her face that were derived from award show footage. "I don't know how to just clap apparently" she jokes. 

Catch Chrissy's Hot Ones appearance below.