Back in February Christina Aguilera shared a photo of her posing all sexy in her bathtub. That was before she dropped off her latest tape, Liberation, so it's safe to say this new bathtub photo sees her feeling way more relaxed, especially since her tape landed her another Top 10 album on the Billboard 200.

The "Pipe" singer's caption for the bubble bath photo also comes with a caption that offers advice for self-appreciation: "Don’t forget to exhale & love yourself "

As for the title of her album, X-Tina previously explained what exactly it means to her. 

"I wanted to have a title that meant freeing myself from anything that wasn’t my truth," she told Entertainment Weekly. "That’s a constant I think in everyone’s life: every time you feel stifled in a current situation where you feel you’re not quite yourself or being bogged down by other people’s opinions. Or when you feel like you’re stuck in a stagnant place. I kinda felt like I was asleep at the wheel and going in autopilot for the past few years, not living up to my full potential and the purpose of why I’m living on this Earth: to sing and make music. So I’m getting back to that and getting back to my own personal truth. It’s almost like a new shedding of skin."