The burglars that hit Christina Milian's home last Friday are suspected of returning for a second helping, as is often the case with professional thieves. On Friday they stole away with $100,000 in goods in broad daylight. On the other hand, Tuesday's break-in took place in the evening, all within the same means of entry: a smashed window by the side of house. 

Neither Christian Milian or her partner singer M. Pokoran have yet to return to lay claim to their missing items. The 2nd burglary attempt persisted as authorities continued their investigation into the first break-in, and several other "jobs" in the surrounding area, notably John Mayer's $200,000 in lost assets.

Celebrities like Milian & Pokora who spend time in dual residences throughout the year, are easy targets for assiduous thieves. Not to mention, once the burglars are able to master a sophisticated alarm system (like Milian's), it opens the door for future inquisitions, no less difficult than the last. Milian made their job all the more easy by posting pictures of herself in France hours before the theft. Milian's burglars were likely using even resource in the book to ensure their success, including social media. Milian better protect her treasure trove before it goes to waste.