More often than not, VladTV interviews spark some sort of controversy. The most recent controversy stems from an interview Flavor Flav did regarding a lawsuit he filed against Chuck D. "There was some songs that I wrote that I didn't get credit for," he explained. "There's a record that we have called 'Harder Than You Think.' My voice is the meat of that record. And I don't have one writing royalty on that record. Anytime I go after somebody for something, it’s for a valid reason.” He continued to explain that they're still working out some "kinks" in the situation between himself and Chuck D. However, Chuck D is on the road right now for the Prophets Of Rage tour. 

The interview caught the attention of Lorrie Boula, Chuck D's manager, who revealed that the case was dismissed at the beginning of the year. Additionally, Boula said that they deliberately chose not to respond to Flavor Flav's claims on the matter.

“The facts are that Flavor Flav did attempt to sue Chuck D, but the court threw out his lawsuit in January 2019. We also want to make clear that Reach Global Music Publishing was the administrator for the songwriters and Gary Rinaldo was the administrator for the song and record label that Flav discusses in his recent interview," Boula told HipHopDX in a statement. “Flavor has personally sued both and has reached settlements with these parties, the terms of which we are not privy to. As a matter of record, Chuck has also sued Reach Global Music and Gary Rinaldo. That litigation is still ongoing and we cannot comment on it at this time.”

Michael Buckner/Getty Images