Jake Paul has pissed off a lot of people throughout his journey in the boxing world. At this point, every single fighter on the planet wants a piece of him, as they would love to be the guy to knock him out, once and for all. So far, Paul has been able to maneuver the minefield in a masterful way as he continues to provoke people without even having to fight them for real. Recently, Paul got into a social media war of words with Chuck Liddell, who recently said "I’m ready anytime for that clown."

This was in response to Jake saying that Liddell had begged him for a photo following the win against Ben Askren. On Friday, TMZ caught up with the 51-year-old in Los Angeles, where they asked him whether or not he would truly be down to fight Paul. As you can see in the clip below, Liddell would rather do other things with his life.

"He's not good enough to fight me," Liddell said. "It just doesn't make sense for him. None of it makes sense for this guy. He's going to risk getting hurt like that."

For now, it seems like Dillon Danis is the likely next challenger for Paul. However, we could also see Jake take on Tommy Fury, which would be a lot of fun when you consider how Tyson Fury would be behind the whole ordeal.

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