Ciara is getting real about her pregnancy experience during lockdown. In the August issue of British Vogue, the singer opens up about how tough it's been going through the usual trials and tribulations of pregnancy with the added stress of the coronavirus pandemic. “You don’t hear a lot about us expectant mothers during this time,” she points out. “Can babies get COVID-19 through the uterus? It’s a big mystery, and we’re some of the most vulnerable beings. Our immune systems are compromised because we can’t take medicine if we get sick in case it affects the baby. If I get ill, I have to let it pass through my body.”

She goes on to explain the process of getting an ultrasound at the hospital in these circumstances. “I wanted to be really cautious," she notes. "I had a little ziplock bag of gloves for the appointment and then I had my mask. When I went from one room to the other, I switched to a new pair of gloves.”

ciara pregnancy lockdown quarantine russell wilson covid-19 coronavirusFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

“When the image of the baby came on the screen," she continues, "I FaceTimed Russ in the car so that he could see. We women carry the baby, but for my husband, being in the room and listening to the heartbeat in real time is one of his ways of connecting. For him not to be part of that was a symbol of this time that we’re living through.”

Ciara also detailed what it's been like as a parent of two in quarantine. “I’m definitely having to be more active on the mommy front," she admits. "That break in the day when you send your kids to school is a luxury. We’re trying all kinds of stuff to keep them both occupied. The other day I got in the car with Sienna and drove her past some horses for a change of scenery.” Read the full interview in British Vogue here.