Ciara, Russell Wilson, Future Jr. and Sienna all woke up on the right side of the yacht this morning and we have video proof. The "Goodies" singer shared a clip of her happy family sitting around a table with a full breakfast served on the table. They were seemingly done eating, though, since everyone was busting out their own dance moves to Bruno Mars' "Perm."

Things moved from the table to the dancefloor and Future Jr. busted out some of his steps, proving that his mom has passed down some good dancing genetics. "Typical Breakfast. Today’s going to be a Great Day!" she captioned the video.

Ciara has previously discussed how her family has an annual tradition on Christmas where they have dance parties. That tradition has now turned into a regular thing.

“It’s the classic stuff to do, but it’s the best stuff because we love to eat good food. Then we do karaoke. Our son Future always likes to say, ‘Let’s have a dance party,’ so we have dance parties!” Ciara told PEOPLE. “We, of course, like to play good music … it’s the best because it’s all about love and enjoying each other and being in the Christmas spirit.”