Both of Ciara's recent singles have been dance-heavy tracks that have sparked Instagram dance challenges everywhere. "Level Up" and "Dose" are coming off an upcoming tape by the singer that will be her first project since 2015's Jackie. Showing more love to her music, the 35-year-old paid a visit to The Ellen DeGeneres show to perform her tracks, slaying a mashup of the two with a fire backup dance crew.

"Yeah, I’m super, super excited about my album. I’ve been having so much fun working on it. I actually started recording a little bit of it before I gave birth to Sienna so that was really fun; dancing around with my big belly in the studio," Ciara said of her upcoming tape. "But I’ve been working on it for a little while, and it’s really coming together, and I can’t wait to share it with my fans."

She added: "There is some cool stuff going on. (Laughs) No, but once it’s ready I’m definitely going to present it to my fans the best way I know how."

Check out her full Ellen performance below.