We all know Ciara to be one of the baddest women alive. She continually proves that. She's been building her life with Russell Wilson, sharing plenty of hilarious moments that take place in their home. We can't discount Ciara's ability to still yield results on the microphone and on the dance floor though. She's always been a great dancer and in her latest magazine feature with InStyle, she decided to show off her versatility to anybody that doubted her.

Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Still pushing her single "Level Up" from last summer, Ciara is putting in work on the dance floor. She can bust a move to basically anything you throw on the sound system too, proving it in her new Instagram video. She danced to folk, disco, country, and more eccentric genres of music, impressing us each time with sensual moves. The best portion of the clip though came when she attempted to twerk to some polka music. The star got down in a squatting position, bouncing her behind with ease. If you weren't convinced at the fact that Ciara could make any genre of music seem sexy, you should be now.

Yesterday, CiCi made headlines when she commented on her relationship with Wilson, saying that it took "a lot of prayer" to abstain from sex with her now-husband. Take a look at the video below.