Ciara loves to share videos of her family making memories on social media. The star is raising Future Zahir and Sienna with her husband Russell Wilson, gushing over her kids any chance she gets. She recently released a brand new song called "Thinkin Bout You" and decided to have some fun with her daughter, creating a new music video for it. The only thing is that Ciara isn't actually the star of the show; Baby Si Si is. 

Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Taking to Instagram today, Ciara shared a video of her daughter Sienna parading around the house while listening to her new joint. The clip is hilarious, showing the child trying on different wigs, trying to get them off her head, and rocking a sassy towel & sunglasses ensemble. Si Si drops her towel to reveal a diaper underneath, rocking a pair of fluffy slippers as she exits the bubble bath, playing with a few of her favorite toys and dancing throughout the living room. The whole thing was edited to feel like a legitimate music video, marking one of the first times Baby Si Si has ever been the subject of her own visuals.

CiCi makes a brief cameo at the end of the shot, watching her daughter run up the stairs and laughing with her. Watch the adorable clip below and listen to Ciara's new song here.