With the release of their second studio album City On Lock, the City Girls announced that they would be releasing a five-part docu-series about their rise to fame. The Miami group came through today with the first installment, dealing with JT's time in prison, how Yung Miami held them down for an entire year, and the secret that she was initially terrified to tell her bosses at Quality Control.

Titled Yung Miami's Secret, the first episode of the series includes interviews with Lil Baby and others. It begins with Yung Miami's bombshell revelation to Pierre "P" Thomas, the head of Quality Control.

"I know that JT in jail and I'm supposed to be out here holding down the group. And, you know, you and Coach [K] been going so hard, making sure we get everything done," says Yung Miami, real name Caresha Brownlee, through tears. "I'm pregnant," she says.

Yung Miami City Girls
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Miami explains why she hid her pregnancy for five months, revealing that she was scared about how people would react and genuinely was unsure of how the group would move forward. Obviously, a pregnancy would put her out of action but, thankfully for her and the City Girls, JT came back right around the time she gave birth.

There is even some behind-the-scenes footage of Coach K and P speaking together, saying that they wish Miami would have come to them earlier with the news. 

She ends up sitting down with them and discussing how they'll deal with this unexpected occurrence. 

Watch the first part of the docu-series below.