COVID-19 has completely taken away some of the things we used to take for granted. Of course, one of the biggest things is concerts, which have been completely eradicated due to the circumstances. Concerts feature a plethora of people packed together, which simply isn't safe with or without a mask. Despite this, some artists have remained irresponsible and have continued to host shows, which certainly isn't a very good idea when you consider all of the risks and liability that would come with that.

The most recent offenders of the COVID concert trend are the City Girls, JT, and Yung Miami. In the clip below, the City Girls can be seen putting on a huge show that is crowded with people who aren't wearing masks. It's a pretty shocking clip and it's yet another reminder that some people just don't care about a virus that has killed over one million people.

Immediately after this clip made its way to social media, fans roasted the City Girls for their recklessness. Many pointed out that the Coronavirus is about to have a feast in these conditions, and that a lot of people are going to get sick as a result of this.

Hopefully, the City Girls reconsider their influence here and realize that concerts simply aren't safe at this point. In the interim, check out the reactions to the concert, below.