LeBron James was the talk of the NBA last night after he punched the Lakers ticket into the NBA playoffs thanks to an incredible three-point shot with just under a minute to go in a play-in game against the Golden State Warriors. A few plays before that, LeBron was poked in the eye by Draymond Green, and he ended up staying down on the ground for quite a bit afterward. Many felt like he was simply trying to get a favorable call, including Portland Trail Blazers star CJ McCollum, who commented on the play on Twitter.

"Actor of the year," McCollum said. "Bron ain’t slick he wanted to rest for them free throws."

Many fans in the comments agreed with McCollum, especially since Bron has been known to embellish plays from time to time. Regardless, it was the smart thing to do as LeBron was able to get to the line and eventually help his team win the game.

As for the Blazers, McCollum doesn't have to worry about LeBron and the Lakers right now, as his team are going up against the Denver Nuggets. Meanwhile, the Lakers will get to face the second seed Phoenix Suns, who have surprised a lot of fans and analysts this year.

LeBron James

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images