Over the weekend, Jamal Murray had an interesting start to his quarantine. As you all probably know by now, a video of himself receiving oral sex was posted on his Instagram story. Murray claims he was hacked although no one knows for sure whether or not this was actually the case. Murray eventually apologized for the incident but three days later, he is still being clowned for what went down.

Yesterday, CJ McCollum and Damian Lillard of the Portland Trail Blazers got to go live on the NBA's official Instagram account. At one point, a commenter made fun of McCollum by saying his neckbeard looked like Murray's private parts. McCollum echoed these sentiments out loud which led to a hilarious response from Lillard.

Following McCollum's comments, Lillard noted that the NBA should never have allowed him to go live on their official accounts. Regardless, both men found the whole thing amusing. Considering they got the joke so quickly, it was pretty much an acknowledgement that they had, indeed, seen the video.

As for Murray, this whole situation probably hasn't been as entertaining. At the end of the day, a very intimate video of himself was leaked and the consequences could be pretty dire at home.