For many, the introduction to rising Staten Island rapper CJ came through his breakout single "Whoopty," an infectious drill banger that once again highlighted the versatility of the Hindi vocal sample. And though the newcomer hasn't exactly endeared himself to everyone, there are more than enough people standing in his corner -- from the people at Warner Records to none other than French Montana, who has taken quite a shine to his fellow New Yorker. So much so that French is already set to be executive producing CJ's upcoming debut Loyalty Over Royalty, which he quickly detailed earlier today.

CJ - Whoopty

Taking to Instagram to share the cover of Loyalty Over Royalty, French confirmed that the project would be arriving on February 19th. Though he didn't exactly spill much in the way of detail, it's likely that the EP will serve to highlight CJ's artistic potential -- at this point, little is known about the rapper save for an insatiable appetite for Blue Cheese. Expect that to change in a week from today, when CJ's anticipated drop lands in full; after all, the folks at Warner previously teased a "surprising" release from the viral star.

Though little else is known about Loyalty Over Royalty, don't be surprised to see "Whoopty" included. Whether or not French was able to finagle any guest appearances -- himself included -- has yet to be seen. Either way, it should be interesting to see where CJ goes from here. Will you be tuning in?