Amanda Nunes promptly took out Cris Cyborg at UFC 232 back in December, cementing her as one of the best UFC fighters on their roster. Of course though, as is usually the case with combat sports, once you get to the top, there are going to be people who want nothing more than to beat you and knock you away from the top of the food chain. Claressa Shields, a two-time gold medalist boxer and undisputed champ in two weight classes, is now saying that if she were given a shot at Nunes, she would win easily. 

In an interview with TMZ Sports, Shield explained that while she is a boxer, if she was given the proper training, she could propel herself to a win in the Octagon. Although, if the fight were to happen in the ring, she knows she would win easily.

"Amanda Nunes caught Cris Cyborg because Cris Cyborg went in there wild and crazy," Shields said. "We got 10 rounds. Amanda Nunes can't beat me in a boxing match. Myself, I'm the G.O.A.T. I'm the greatest woman of all time!" 

Shields would have to wait for a fight like that though as on April 13th, she will be fighting undefeated German boxer, Christina Hammers.