Back in November, 16-year-old Claudia Conway shared on her Tik Tok account that she was auditioning for the upcoming 19th season of American Idol. She posted a short video of her in the confessional room, saying that she “met Ryan Seacrest today,” and telling fans to “stay tuned” for her audition. 


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In a new teaser trailer for the upcoming premiere episode, Claudia introduces herself in front of returning judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. She explains that her parents are “high profile political figures,” and tells the judges, "My mother is Kellyanne Conway. She worked for Donald Trump. And my dad is George Conway. He worked against Donald Trump. It's a lot, but I agree to disagree with my mom and my dad." 

Claudia also spoke on her internet fame and her social media presence, saying “Most of my life, my feelings had been suppressed so then I got social media and was like, 'Well, yeah. Now my voice is being heard.'” She also asserts that being a singer is her true passion and dream, saying, “But when life is all going downhill, I have my music. Now, I want to get out of the controversy, get out of the drama and let people know that I am a singer and this is what I want to do.”

Tensions within the Conway family have only been heightening since November, especially since January’s brutal development where a nude photo of Claudia was leaked on Kellyanne’s Twitter account. Perhaps Claudia’s American Idol audition will be a new lease on life, and we’ll find out if she makes it to Hollywood during Sunday’s premiere episode on ABC. 

Watch the new teaser trailer here