Clemson pulled off the unexpected last night and beat #1 ranked Alabama in the College Football Playoff title game, 35-31. Clemson did it in the most spectacular fashion possible, taking the lead with only one second left in the game with a touchdown pass from Deshaun Watson. Check out the play below.

After the game, Clemson fans and players were understandably ecstatic (along with everyone who isn’t an Alabama fan). Fans stormed the field, but it wasn’t until things settled down a bit that Clemson’s second talent came into view. Clemson are national college football champions, but based on last night’s celebrations, they’re also the best dancing Division 1 football team. Just check out videos of 300-pound lineman Christian Wilkins pulling off a split with ease, or coach Dabo Swinney breaking it down in the dance circle with his team.

I rest my case.