The Cleveland Browns have reached a limit with troubled wide receiver Josh Gordon. Dallas Cowboys & San Francisco 49ers are believed to have inquired about his services, but if a deal can't be struck, the Browns are prepared to release him to the waiver wire. The team provided no line of reasoning to back their decision. This afternoon we informed Josh Gordon and his representatives that we are going to release him on Monday," read the statement in brief.

The Browns will be forced to answer all the sticky questions once negotiations (with interested parties) reach the penultimate point. ESPN's Morten Christensen believes Josh Gordon broke the trust of team officials when he showed up to practice with an unreported hamstring issue, after showing no sign of injury all week long.

The Browns have invested a lot of time and energy into Josh Gordon's mental and physical wellness, and have likely reached a point where they feel he is not responding well enough to their interventions, on account of his personal life taking its toll.

Gordon's incredible talent has been overshadowed by substance abuse throughout his career. He took the news in stride though, posting an Instagram story thanking the Cleveland Brows faithful for supporting him throughout the rocky ride. Hope it works out for both parties, the Browns seem just as desperate for a run of good fortune.