Over the last few years, there has been a heavy discourse in the sports world about certain nicknames that impact the Native American community. Names like the Washington Redskins and Cleveland Indians have been labeled as racist and insensitive, which has led these respective teams to denounce their names and make a change. While the Washington Football Team is still taking its time to announce a new name, the Cleveland Indians have been proactive with their hunt for a new and improved nickname.

Fans have been waiting to see the new name and logo for quite some time, and today, the team came through as it posted a video to Twitter with the new name and various logos that fans can expect to see once the 2022 season comes into effect.


Jason Miller/Getty Images

As you can see down below, the new name of the team is the "Guardians." There are four distinct logos to be found here although the most significant one is a G with wings and a baseball in the midst of it. Overall, it is a unique design and it is a name that isn't currently being used by any other professional sports teams.

In typical Twitter fashion, the responses to the new name and logos have been mixed, although there are quite a few people who are impressed with the new direction. Amid the positivity, there are still those who feel like the name change wasn't necessary. In the grand scheme of things, the name change is a positive one for the franchise, and it is certainly appreciated by the communities harmed by the previous name.

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