On Friday, Alabama-based artist Clever dropped his new album CrazyThe tracklist is absolutely star-studded, sporting features from Lil Wayne, Chris Brown,Post Malone, and Lil Baby. Clever told HNHH that all of these features were incredibly special to him, even putting the voice of his son on his track “Call Me Nobody” with Lil Wayne. Perhaps the most important feature, though, is his version of “Life’s A Mess” with Juice WRLD, which he calls the “original version” of the song. 

“To me, this is the original version,” Clever told HNHH in a recent interview. “I had a verse on this song before Halsey did, way before Halsey ever did. And I felt like I just kind of got plucked out of it. For Spotify streams and other reasons, you know what I'm saying? For me, it was about making the song that Juice wanted it to be… in my opinion, it's the version, you know. It's the one that he wanted.” 

Clever goes on to say that he doesn’t mean Halsey any disrespect, but that he was cut deep by the fact that he was taken off of the original track, which is on Legends Never Die. “No disrespect to Halsey, I just-- I was a little hurt by the fact that I was taken off the record and replaced. I felt like I still had the rights to that song and was still very much a part of that song,” Clever said. 

What do you think, is the version with Halsey or Clever the better track? Let us know your thoughts in the comments and read the full HNHH interview with Clever here.