A man later identified as Cliff Dixon was shot and killed in outside of a nightclub in Atlanta on the night of his 32nd birthday celebration. His name is recognizable for one of many reasons.

For starters, Dixon is an ex-boyfriend of reality television star Erica Mena. Secondly, Dixon is known for his close friendships with several high profile athletes including Kevin Durant. According to Fox 5 in Atlanta, he was shot at around 1 am within the borders of the Chamblee strip mall. By the time paramedics arrived on the scene, Dixon was already in critical condition, so they rushed him to Grady Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead moments later.

The police report claims the gunman fled the scene on foot before squad cars could form a perimeter. Local authorities refused to leak Dixon's personal information despite running into the press. It was only after Dixon's inner circle started eulogizing him on social media, that a causal link began to crystallize.

Dave East's IG post is but one example of how this windfall occurred, all within the last three hours. Speculation over the killer's motives is rampant on social media in the early going, but none of it substantiated by anyone with insider credibility. The shooting took place in front of the SL Lounge, but at this point, there's no way of knowing whether Dixon's killing was sparked by an altercation that occurred within its walls. Our sympathies go out to all those impacted by his sudden death, RIP.