Today, ClockworkDJ, whom you might recognize as Mac Miller's former touring DJ, sat down with Ebro Darden for a conversation. Naturally, the late icon was brought up, and Clockwork had no shortage of stories from his time working with Mac. "He never really trips, you know what I'm saying? He never was the one to complain or to get upset," reflects Clockwork. "I mean, everybody gets upset, but he just did it in a different way to where it didn't make you feel like you messed up or you were in the wrong."

"He just had a cool personality to him to where people would just flock around him. Even if it was a bunch of girls in the studio or a party going on in a studio or whatever, he was always focused on the music and making the records," he says.  "Travis Scott used to just be in the crib, just chillin' in that corner at rap camp...Yams would be on the couch, watching TV. ScHoolboy, and this is when they were like still coming out. Probably 2011 - 2013."

He continues:

Travis would just be at the crib literally sitting on the couch, just on his computer. I think he learned a lot from Mac and his work ethic and how he had his studio set up in his house. I think a lot of people learned from that like, 'oh wait, he just cranking out records every day?' His whole set up and his whole vibe, and his open door policy. I think a lot of people were influenced by that. 

For more insight into Clockwork and Mac's relationship, be sure to check out the visuals below. Rest in peace Mac Miller